All against the clock next

Identifying the latest design trends; planning the right offer; maximising the assortment; placing the orders; shipping the product; allocating the correct quantities to the right locations…


Fashion Retail is all aboutTIME


As any fashion retail planner knows, the start of each new season can feel like the beginning of a formidable journey. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

What if it was possible to fly?

Veltio presents


the fashion retailer's dream.

Veltio MAX is a first-time-ever pack of tools
that accelerates decision-making and allows
performance to skyrocket…
by saving precious fashion time!

Veltio Automated Item Matching and Planning

In most other systems, planners are forced to waste time on tedious administration and data entry tasks when it comes to planning each assortment for a new season, but with Veltio MAX’s science based automation, this all goes away.

Store and Cluster-level assortments are created automatically using high-level strategies, feeding directly into the Assortment Planning process. Multiple placeholder items can be created en masse using Veltio MAX Automated Matching and New Product Forecasting.

Performance of the future assortment is predicted with advanced Veltio science using all the information available for each product, such as price, fabric, colour, brand, as well as each store specific element like climate, demographics and space.

This frees the planner to focus on all the important aspects of range creation

Assortment Space Optimisation

By seamlessly integrating Assortment Space Optimisation with Oracle Assortment Planning, the planner can quickly optimise the new assortments, balancing fixture and facing constraints with space and financial targets.

And that’s not all…


Automated New Product Forecasting

Veltio’s New Product Forecasting underpins the automation process by creating accurate demand forecasts for new products using cutting-edge machine-learning science.

NPF will analyse all the information available for new products such as price, fabric, colour, brand. It will take into consideration store-level behaviours as well, automatically accounting for climate, demographics and space constraints to create continuously updated forecasts for never-before sold products… All with minimal human intervention. It’s not quite rocket science… But it’s close!

So, now we have planned and optimized the new season’s offering by style, colour and store cluster, but how do we break that down even further by size to produce accurate buy-plans?

For most retailers this is another time consuming, data intensive process, that detracts from the real work that needs to be done. Not with Veltio MAX though, which uniquely expands on the power of the Oracle Retail products and frees up yet more time from the process for the fashion planner.


Oracle Size & Prepack Optimization

Size Profile Optimization will use historical sales and stock information to create optimized size profiles across stores, ensuring the right sized product ends up in the stores that will actually sell it.

SPO will also automatically create optimal size prepack splits and suggested order quantities using the assortment and forecast information from Veltio MAX.

All this with minimal human intervention, meaning… fast!
Now all we need to do is make sure the right product goes to the right stores.

Veltio Allocation and Execution (APX)

Veltio MAX’s unique Allocation and Execution (APX) will automatically create optimized allocation orders for single and prepacked products using continuously updated forecasts that take into account the most recent customer behaviour.

APX will allocate to the most profitable stores first, taking into account space and supply chain constraints and optimising for total profit across the entire company.

APX can pre-allocate individual shipments before they are received, while continuously enforcing strategic and merchandising constraints.

Automated Replenishment

After the initial allocation is executed and sales begin, Veltio APX will utilize continuously updated sales and forecasts to automatically replenish stores for single and prepacked products based on the most recent customer behaviour and the most up-to-date pricing and promotion plans.

APX will consider multi tier supply chain constraints to automatically optimize for total profit across the entire company.

Now all that’s left is for us to profitably exit the season before we begin the next. Veltio MAX will help you here too, automatically presenting a clear, optimal strategy for maximizing profitable reductions.

All at the speed of fashion!

Oracle Clearance Optimisation (COE)

Oracle Clearance Optimisation will create optimised markdown schedules taking into account the most recent forecast and stock information, and any pricing constraints across the entire company.

COE is fully integrated with Veltio Allocation and Execution allowing for optimized and automated exit allocations that take into account markdowns, demand uplifts and total costs across the supply chain to optimize profit and sell-through for clearance items.

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Application Consultant/Developer (Europe-wide)

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece or virtually anywhere in the EU
Position: Full-Time Salaried Employee

Job Description

As an Application Consultant and Developer:

  • You will support the development, customization and deployment of decision support systems (merchandise planning, demand forecasting, supply chain planning, and others) for customers world-wide
  • You will be trained on cutting-edge decision support systems and data-mining platforms
  • You will travel in Europe, the Americas, Middle East and Asia

Desired Skills

  • At minimum, a post-graduate degree (MSc) in Computer Science or Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical or Industrial)
  • Knowledge of at least one high-level Object-Oriented Programming language (Java, C++, Python, Visual Basic.NET)
  • Fluent English (written and spoken).  Good knowledge of Russian, Spanish, French or German a plus.
  • Willingness to travel extensively (25% at minimum)
  • Knowledge of Unix or Linux-type systems a plus
  • Strong communication and organization skills
  • Ability to learn quickly

Please e-mail your CV and application details to

Paid Interns (Greece – multiple)

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
Position: Paid Intern — Development, Support

Job Description

Are you a student in your last year of studies in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering? Are you a business minded, soon to be graduate with an innovative mind? Do you seek challenges and find the on-going transformation in the IT sector exciting?  Do you enjoy a creative culture and an atmosphere of continuous improvement?

If yes, we want to get to know you!  We are currently recruiting students at their last year of studies who have these qualities and who want to be the best that they can be.

What we offer you

Your Internship position at Veltio will be a temporary 3 month position and you will be recruited to a our permanent Development or Support teams.

We offer you on-the-job training, giving you guidance and direction in helping to shape your career and who you are as an individual. We will give you the chance to adapt your classroom learning to company needs, work with new people and get a real feel of what working in a company is like.

You will work in a dynamic and fast-paced environment where you have the possibility to develop yourself and get responsibility and challenges from the very start.

From day one you will be introduced to challenging business projects and initiatives which will push your abilities, and encourage you to continually develop your skills. You will be given responsibilities that will challenge and reward you – giving you the opportunity to build on your life and learning experiences.

Please send us your CV at

Software Engineer (Greece)

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
Position: Full-Time Salaried Employee

Job Description

As a Software Engineer:

  • You will develop cutting-edge software for data mining and decision support systems (merchandise planning, demand forecasting, supply chain planning, and others) for international customers
  • You will be trained on state-of-the-art decision support systems and data-analysis platforms
  • You will be based in Thessaloniki full-time.  No travel required.

Desired Skills

  • At minimum, a post-graduate degree (MSc) in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering
  • At least 2 years of professional software engineering experience, preferably in ERP or data analysis systems
  • Expert knowledge of at least one high-level Object-Oriented programming language (Java, C++, Python)
  • Fluent English (written and spoken).
  • Strong communication skills
  • Knowledge of Unix or Linux-type systems

Please e-mail your CV and application details to