Today’s grocery shopper is better informed, has higher expectations and enjoys more choices than ever before.Grocery retailers now have to make more decisions with more data and do it faster than ever before:
decisions on product selection, on price, on placement and what offers and promotions are made available and when.


Veltio presents MAX, a smarter,
integrated grocery retailer’s tool

With MAX, Veltio offers a fully-integrated, science-driven solution that automates the Category Management process and brings all relevant data in front of the retailer – from setting of financial goals all the way through to PO creation and replenishment.This lets retailers finally bridge the gap between planning and execution and make better decisions faster than ever before: financial and assortment plans are continuously reconciled with real performance data while automated execution is tightly coupled with strategic goals.
Grocery to the MAX.

What is MAX for Grocery?

MAX is a fully integrated suite of Category Management tools that gives the retailer visibility and control over all aspects of analysis, planning and execution, including:

  • Financial planning and budgeting
  • Assortment creation and management
  • Price strategy management
  • Promotion planning and execution
  • Accurate assortment allocations based on store need and maximum ROI
  • Automated replenishment and time phased order planning
  • Supplier production planning

By providing quick and easy access to information from all aspects of the planning and execution process and science-based recommendations, MAX gives the category buyer the unique power to combine data with market insight, in order to produce profit-focused actionable steps.

Pick the right product

Selecting the right product with Veltio MAX is easy. All the planning, trading and execution detail is in one place, allowing the buyer to quickly perform top-line analysis of their category, brands and segments. All the information needed to support the buyer’s insight and produce a clear actionable product strategy is just a click away – sales and targets at cost and retail, Demographic splits, on-order and commitment, vendor funding, rebates and exchange rates.


Place the product

The MAX Assortment Planning brings together performance and space data to enable the retailer to optimize assortment both at the macro and micro level automatically. Category performance can be analyzed and planned by store cluster, demographics, price tier and many other metrics.New items can be introduced and planned with little or no effort using Veltio’s unique New Product Forecasting system. NPF can create accurate demand forecasts for new products or assortment changes using cutting-edge machine-learning science that will take into consideration item characteristics and store-level behaviors, allowing for the automated creation of accurate assortments, as well as replenishment orders and allocations downstream.


Pricing the product

The Price Planning module of MAX combines scientifically calculated price-elasticities with retailer-driven pricing strategies and rules to automatically optimize price schedules that align everyday price activity to overall category goals. Thus price optimization becomes an integral part of planning operations further increasing efficiencies.MAX can also calculate the price behaviour of new products automatically using sophisticated machine-learning science to select the most appropriate product and price history.

Promoting the product

Veltio MAX automates Promotion Planning by scientifically calculating the effect of each promotional level on demand – such as discounts, coupons or in-store displays. New items can be catered for with little additional effort through the use of our advanced New Product Forecasting engine that automatically selects the most appropriate promotional history to use for every new product. By tying the effect of promotions and price changes into the planning and replenishment processes, Veltio MAX allows:

  • Vendor rebates based on volume sales to be modelled in the planning process and tied back to financial plans and stock projections
  • Plans to be updated automatically when real data is available
  • Maximum efficiency of promotion execution including, automated stock builds, accurate allocations of promotional product and improved sell-through

Supplier order planning

MAX brings together continuously updated demand forecasts and optimized assortment plans to create accurate, long-term, time-phased order plans.This unique capability allows:

  • Decisions on item pricing, promotions and placement to be made as early as possible using data-driven dashboards and alerts
  • Pro-active review of the category assortment can be made in-season with performance metrics fed back directly into Assortment Planning
  • POs can be raised automatically using budget and target data
  • Automated stock builds for promotions and events with minimal buyer intervention
  • Minimization of wastage and spoilage by automatically taking into account store capacity and product shelf-life



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